A suite of tools to verify the identity of your end user in Indonesia

Credit model inputs

Inputs that can help you build a credit risk model for Indonesia

Fraud detection

Tools to detect fraudulent user applications and transactions


KTP validation

Confirm validity of the KTPs of your end users. You give us the KTP details and our APIs can tell you if core data matches, including name, date and place of birth



A simple tool to read the most important information off an Indonesian KTP. This can be as part of an onboarding flow to provide a simpler UX for your users


Facial recognition

Assess how closely a selfie matches with the photo on the ID card (KTP) or look up a selfie directly


Bank name validation

Verify the name associated with any bank account number in Indonesia. We have coverage across 99% of bank accounts, access multiple sources and give you metadata on the account type


Phone number validation

Check if a name has been associated with a phone number in eCommerce, eWallet and other public and proprietary data sources


NPWP validation

Verify that an individual owns the NPWP (tax file number) they have provided by checking against government sources


CFT check

Check whether individuals you are dealing with are on international and Indonesian government approved terrorism and weapons of mass destruction lists with a simple API query

Account insights

Make it easier for customers to submit third-party account details and/or extract transaction history. This can be part of onboarding, run in the background or used when the initial application yields more questions

Identity fraud detection

Submit a bundle of identity information and we will run checks across our millions of API calls to indicate if this user has been highlighted as a fraud risk by us or other market participants


Independent, non-competitive, third party

Unlike others, we don't use your data against you

Iluma prides ourselves on making our customers thrive. This means we always act as a trusted, independent third party in the ecosystem ensuring data is being handled correctly and your data isn't being used against you. We follow global data security and protection practices